Hands-free contactless door and window opening hook tool Made in Italy, 100% Italian quality

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Florentine metal parts

  • Eco-friendly
  • brass 7 x 3 cm
  • Made in Florence
  • A safety measure for your health
  • Accurate packaging

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Protection from contamination

Non-contact door and window opening hook tool.

This #safehands themed collaboration was born from the experience of Mengoni & Nassini in the field of small metal parts and from our passion for true Made in Italy A hooked tool made of eco-friendly brass that allows contact with potentially infected surfaces to be reduced to zero. It is in fact ideal as a door and window opener with push & pull function.

You can also use it to press elevator buttons, enter your pin at an ATM, get on the train, or hold onto the bus or subway. In short, it can replace your hands by avoiding direct contact with shared surfaces and protect you from possible contamination.

The shape and design are captivating, the packaging is refined and attentive to your needs. Lightweight and practical, it can be hung on a key ring, a bag or a backpack to allow easy transport and use. The item measures 7cm x 3cm. Very easy to clean with alcoholic and/or disinfectant solutions.


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