They say that we should show ourselves and talk about ourselves more on social media… and if I really have to, I’ll start by saying that social media and I don’t get along for this reason too.

I would describe myself as a simple woman who likes to eat well, spend the beautiful days outdoors and the grayer ones at home in company with some board games.

But like the vast majority of people I spend most of my time at work and I’m lucky that my work is also one of my passions: #talentofiorentino

Talento Fiorentino

was born in 2016 after over 10 years of experience in the fashion landscape “Made in Italy“.

Our headquarters are in Florence, a city known internationally for its tradition in the field of fashion.
Some of the world’s greatest fashion designers have taken inspiration from this city. Ours is a young reality and “Talento Fiorentino” is a brand that tries to take inspiration and inspiration from these great names and the beauties that this city can offer.

All our items are made entirely in Italy. Skilled artisans in the sector work with care and precision on every single detail to ensure that the quality is up to “Made in Italy” and to create one-of-a-kind items. We offer quality items at a price accessible to all.

Rosalia Chiarappa

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